social brand hero

No man is an island

“The fundamental law of human beings is interdependence. A person is a person through other persons.”

~ Desmond Tutu

“Human beings are not intrinsically selfish, which isolates us from others. We are essentially social animals who depend on others to meet our needs. We achieve happiness, prosperity and progress through social interaction. Therefore, having a kind and helpful attitude contributes to our own and others happiness”

Dalai Lama XIV

Human beings are inherently social creatures. Ideas such as the self-made man and the solitary genius are the stuff of fiction. They bear no resemblance to reality. Each and every one of us depends on one another to survive, let alone thrive and get on in life. And whether we’re aware of it or choose to appreciate it or not, we all benefit from the work and generosity of strangers as well as loved ones throughout our daily lives.

The same is true for companies. No man or business is an island. Every business is ultimately a social endeavour, not just a financial one. One that depends on the development of a social brand and strong relationships.

When it comes to building your social brand, two things matter the most. Your intentions and your ability to deliver on those intentions. The extent to which you truly care about your customers. And your ability to deliver on the well-meaning promises you make to your customers.

Your brand isn’t an abstract idea that lives in the minds of your customers. Your brand is the living relationships you have with each and every one of your customers. Relationships that will only survive and endure if your customers perceive and experience your business to be both warm and competent. It’s not enough for a business to have a friendly and helpful attitude. To be trusted and relied on, the business has to be to consistently do what it says.