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“Diesel is not my company.
It’s my life.”

Renzo Rosso, designer & founder of Diesel

Conventional v Lifestyle Brands

There are two types of brand: Conventional brands and lifestyle brands.

Conventional brands respond to the needs and wants of the many not the few. A wide variety of different people who live different lifestyles. Lifestyle brands are built by people who have a passion for a particular way of life. An authentic lifestyle brand is a living expression of the people who create it, their place of work and their shared way of life.

Conventional brands are inclusive and accommodating. They seek social approval and want to be respected and admired. Lifestyle brands are passionate and authentic. They express their individuality in all they do.

Conventional brands take pride in understanding their customers and giving them what they want. Where customers lead, conventional brands follow. Lifestyle brands are leaders not followers. They don’t target customers. They inspire and attract people who believe and share a passion for what they believe and care about.

Conventional brands sell products and create customers. Lifestyle brands sell a different way of being and create converts, not just customers