We are a startup with big ambitions. We want to share our journey with the UK's most inspiring brands. We are based between Bristol and Bath making us perfectly placed for businesses based in the south west.


I am Morph’s creative director. Having worked on brands big and small for many design agencies, I now bring 20 years of experience to Morph’s clients. I want to work with the UK’s most forward thinking businesses, helping them to build brands that truly represent their owner’s outlook. I have a personal interest in health and well being and believe that businesses and brands have a part to play in creating a brighter future for all of us. Let’s build the brands of a colourful tomorrow!


I’m Clare’s brother, Morph’s planning director and the creator of Business Archetypes; a colourful, research-based planning tool designed to help people learn how to design and build great businesses.  I trained as an engineer, worked as a FMCG marketer and have spent the past decade researching how different world-class companies and brands are built.  My passion?  Helping Clare and her team produce great work and you – our clients – build great brands and businesses to be proud of.


We can morph into the best company structure that is needed for the project at hand. We have a network of complementary experts, many of which we hope will become the Morph co-operative members of our tomorrow. Although Morph specialises in brand planning and creation of core brand equities we can extend our offering through our network of trusted experts. These include website production, copy and content creation, photography and social media marketing.



The WE part of this statement is the most important. We means all parties working together to create your brand. Once we have worked out together what type of brand you want to build, we become enablers. We change our thinking , approach and process to best suit your business type. We are working organically towards becoming a fully fledged co-operative company. We believe that a mutually beneficial business structure that generates profit for the common good is a big part of not only our future but of our economy as a whole.